Church Helps us Encounter the Living God


Why is Church Important?

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts.”
-Acts 2:46a

Becoming Fully Devoted

Attending church helps us "Celebrate Big" the faithfulness of God regularly - a large component of our Discipleship.

The purpose though is not merely for the religious duty of attending church - but rather a personal commitment to regularly and intentionally put ourselves in an experience where God can encounter us and change us.

In an instant or over time, we've convinced that encountering God will supernaturally change our lives, the lives of our family, and the region around us. 

A Place of Encounter

Church is a concentration of spaces and places where God can move powerfully, from worship to greeters to preaching.

Biblically we see evidence that God will always encounter us more intimately in eight different areas; the Gospel, Scripture, Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Gifts, Gathered Worship, Communion, Baptism, and Suffering.

Many of these guaranteed places of encounter are evident on any given Sunday at Church!


The Theology

Watch or Listen to Pastor Jon Explain the importance of knowing where Jesus is always present in a life-changing way.

The Eight Guaranteed Places of Encounter Sermon


Sermon from June 11, 2017 - Spirit Move Series


How to Commit

Ask a Friend/Spouse to Commit With You

This way you can help keep each other accountable. When one doesn't feel like going, the other will encourage you to go.

Make a Repeating Calendar Reminder

It may sound simple, but usually what gets scheduled gets done. Create a Sunday calendar reminder for you to come to church. Set a notification an hour early to make sure you're on time too!

Utilize Life Milestones

Whether it's a birthday, New Years resolution, baby being born, or a baptism, use these things to help trigger your commitment to attending church. 

Join a Connect Group

One of the purposes of a connect group is to encourage you in all aspects of furthering your discipleship. This group of people will help encourage you to come. 


Plan a Visit

Here are our locations and times - we hope to see you soon.


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