January Update!


Now that we're back from the Christmas Break, we've got two great series coming up.  Our first one is called Deep and we kicked it off this week.  It's all about going deeper in your faith.  We've got 4 more weeks of it so click here or the image above for some parent resources.


Immediately following our series "Deep" we'll be revisiting our series Trending that we started in the fall.
This time we'll taking a two week look at Bullying and the impact it has on our students.

In preparation for that series we want to make sure that you are equipped for the conversations that might come up.This short, two week series will be on February 10th and 17th.

Here are a few resources you can check out, and if you have concerns, or if you or your student need to talk to someone, we'd be happy to offer pastoral care.

BLOG: There Will be Jerks
BLOG: Help! My Child is a Bully!
BLOG: What to do When Your Kid is Bullied
PODCAST: What to do When Kids are Mean
Fuller Youth Institute Article: Sticks and Stones - Digital Bullying

Rob Tyo