What's New in May

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Our Next Series: Great Expectations

This week we're starting a brand new series called Great Expectations.  We strongly believe this is a critical series for us as a youth ministry, but it's also one that will be challenging for students.  Starting this week, we're beginning a series about navigating through sex and sexuality in an age-appropriate and God focused way.

Because of the sensitive nature of the conversation we want to make sure that you're prepared for the conversations we'll be having over the next 4 weeks in Jr. Youth.  Click the button below to access a PDF of all 4 topics, we'll also have them in print each week.  Also, if you download the Parent Cue App (link in PDF), you'll be able to get more resources as well.

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Last Blast 2018

We've got one more awesome event before the end of the school year!  Coming in June, this event has been a Jr. Youth exclusive, but this year we're partnering with the rest of Family Ministries to make it a full family party!  Keep an eyes open for all the details soon!

Baptism Sunday!

On Sunday, June 3rd at all our sites, we'll be celebrating Baptism Sunday!  If your student has said "yes" to following Jesus - then it's time to get baptized!  Click the button below to get more information on baptism, or send us an email if you've got questions about what it means to be baptized at C4.

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Be A Somebody: Join Family Ministries!

By now you have hopefully seen our Be A Somebody booths and buttons and videos around the church and on Social Media. We're still in the middle of a big recruitment campaign to find awesome volunteers for our kids and youth programs here at C4. 

We have a large need right now in many of our ministries for people to step up and Be A Somebody in the life of a child or youth.

Many of us who grew up in the church, have stayed in the church and have grown in our faith because Somebody believed in us and invested in us, and the same need exists today. These years are harder than ever for them to navigate.

Click the image above or button below to get more information on how you can be a somebody in the life of a child or youth at C4.

Rob Tyo