School of Ministry Leadership.

Canadian churches are in dire need of passionate, gifted, and seasoned leaders. The Sanctus School of Ministry Leadership is designed to train, equip, and encourage the next generation of church leaders as they take the helm.

As a crucial element of a church’s health and operation, ministry leaders need to hit the ground running when they begin a new role. Their training, then, needs to reflect solid theological underpinnings but also practical experience with the day-to-day life of running a ministry.

This is where the Sanctus School of Ministry Leadership comes in.

Unlike traditional seminary, our partnership with British Columbia’s Northwest Seminary allows you to apply your academic learning as you fulfil ministry responsibilities.

Competencies, not courses

The School’s purpose is to develop wise, biblically grounded, theologically formed, and culturally engaged leaders who demonstrate competence in biblical interpretation and contextual application of biblical principles in their vocation, community, and culture.

You’ll work towards graduating with four significant outcomes:

  • Biblically and theologically formed knowledge
  • Resourceful and resilient leadership
  • Wise and ethical influencer
  • Culturally engaged

Practical leadership experience in real-time

As you learn, you’ll gain experience in teaching, counselling, leading initiatives, coordinating events, and more as a student working within Sanctus’ Convergence ministry model.

Graduates are well-positioned to enter their ministry careers in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond with:

  • 2 years of hands-on ministry experience
  • One-on-one mentorship from ministry leaders
  • An MA in Biblical Leadership accredited through the Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

The program is offered in partnership with Northwest Seminary, a North American pioneer in competency-based theological education (CBTE). Northwest oversees the academic component of the program, while Sanctus Church oversees the practical experience and ministry mentorship component.

Application Requirements:

  • An undergraduate degree (or qualify as a mature student)
  • Evidence of Christian testimony
  • Recommendation letter from a ministry leader
  • Pass the entrance assessment


You will be become a student of Northwest Seminary, who oversees your academics and grants your degree. Northwest’s program has been vetted by the Association of Theological Schools, the accrediting body for theological schools in North America.

$8,500* per year
*this figure doesn’t include application fees or additional administrative fees

There are 2 main components to the application process:

Preliminary Application

Since applicants will join Sanctus’ staff team as students for 2 years, this step reviews the practical elements of the application, including:

  • Experience (via resume/cover letter)
  • Statement of interest and belief
  • An interview to determine fit for Sanctus Church’s staff culture
  • Signed preliminary application documents

Academic Application Provided

Preliminary applications have been approved, applicants would then submit their academic application for consideration to Northwest. This includes academic transcripts. Sanctus Church will also pass on the preliminary application documents to complete the applicant’s file.

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