Group Leader Resources and Starter Series



Thank You for Leading or Hosting a Connect Group!


Dear New Leader or Host,

Thank you for stepping up and serving Jesus by hosting or leading a Sanctus Connect Group!

Here you can find everything you need for your group to be successful. We really believe that Connecting Small is God's idea. Lives are transformed in small groups! 

Enjoy the ride of seeing lives transformed!

Angela Mason
Pastor of Groups & Congregational Care


Key Language

The Slogan for Connect Groups

  • Connect Groups are a place where someone notices your spiritual growth and cares when tough things happen.

Why we do Connect Groups

  • We really believe that Connecting Small is God's idea.

  • The Bible gives us a relational discipleship model to follow.

  • We see Jesus and the early church demonstrate smaller groups

Get Started

How to Begin Leading Your Group

  1. Read through and follow the resources in the Group in a Box.

    • Be sure to pick up your box at one of our Sanctus Connect Centres at any of our sites.

  2. Read through the Sanctus Connect Group Guidebook that's inside

  3. Watch the Leader/Host video (below)

  4. Start your new group off with the three part mini-series for groups called Connecting Small (below)

  5. Get the snacks ready for your first Connect Group!


Cheering you on! Jesus is with you!


Leader and Host Training

A guide to successful groups

Leaders Session: A Guide - 10min

What makes a group experience successful or unsuccessful? Is there a special formula? You might be asking those questions. In order for something to be successful you have to know what the goal is - so when you get there, together - you can all say, "We did it!" 

We want you and your group members to have a positive, life-changing experience in your group. So we are sharing with you some critical factors that lead to group success. 

Take ten minutes to watch this video and download the accompanying handout. Lean in and learn! We are convinced that there are some gems in here that will make all the difference to your group's success.

Although this video is directed to those who have stepped up as hosts/leaders, feel free to share it with your group members to give them the 'inside scoop' to success.   


Connecting Small Series

Connect Group Starter Series 

Session 1: Why Groups? - 10min

We all come to a group with different expectations, and being in a group can be messy at times. So what keeps us going? It all comes down to the why! In Session 1, Lorie Hartshorn will share with you three biblical reasons why groups can change your life. If we are all clear as to why we do what we do, then we'll stick together through the ups and downs. Because we truly are better together!

Session 2: Noticing Spiritual Growth - 10min

One of the goals of our groups is to notice each other's spiritual growth. But how do we do that? In Session 2, Lorie Hartshorn and Jon Thompson (Vision & Preaching Pastor) will discuss what it looks like to grow spiritually. They will share Discipleship at Sanctus to enable you and your group members to notice each other's spiritual growth in five really practical ways. We're all in this together!

Session 3: Caring When Tough Things Happen - 10min

Tough things are guaranteed to happen! Groups are a place where we share the responsibility of caring for each other. But what does that look like? Do I need to be best friends with everyone in my group, cook their meals, or do their laundry? In Session 3, Lorie Hartshorn and Dr. Merry Lin (Staff Development Pastor) will discuss what it looks like to care practically. It will walk you through what care is (and is not!) and how we work that out in our community.