Local & Global Missions.

Compassion Overview

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Our Goal

We believe by focusing our resources on a few rather than many, our overall involvement will be more personal and our impact will be greater. To engage locally and globally through our partner organizations that meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the vulnerable, displaced, and unreached in Jesus’ name. To see people experience transformational development and intentional, effective discipleship.

Our Strategy

We align our compassion engagement under “causes” where we are "Glocal" in our focus, partnering in our efforts, and strategic in our priorities. With the intentional overlap of "causes" between our local & global partners, we desiring mutually beneficial learning and equipping. We can learn from our global partners and bring our understanding back to our local partners, and conversely so we can bring our local partner understanding to our global partners.

Our Priorities

Vulnerable - Those susceptible to physical or emotional harm. Ex: Homeless, those living in poverty, children, human trafficking. Displaced - Those who are not in a place they call home. Ex: Migrant workers, refugees, orphans, immigrants. Unreached - Those who have not yet recieved the Good News of Jesus. Ex: Our neighbours, other religious communities.

Our Goal

Transformational Development – The process of growth and change that seeks to restore wholeness of life in individuals & communities by meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Intentional & Effective Disciple Making – Evangelizing non-believers, establishing believers in the faith and training & equipping ministry leaders

Our Causes & Partnerships

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others. It is a horrible reality that Sanctus is committed to mitigating and preventing locally and globally.

Local Partner - SafeHope Home

SafeHope Home is a Durham-based Christian organization providing long-term recovery programs for trafficked/sexually exploited women and youth – or those at identifiable risk of becoming sexually exploited/trafficked – between the ages of 16-29 into full rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

The organization provides a safe place to live while empowering participants to transition into a healthy lifestyle. Their highly effective recovery programs are based on the principle of personal recovery, building self-worth, independence, and community.

Global Partner - JKPS India

Mahima Home Mahima Home exists to provide care to the young girls who have been trafficked into the sex industry and provide them an opportunity to return to the community stronger and more empowered.

Premanand Home – Premanand means “the joy of being loved”. The home is a facility that seeks to provide proper care, housing, and schooling for 16 boys who otherwise would grow up living poor and underprivileged lives with a high probability of working within the sex industry as they grow older.

Value of Life is seeking to uphold the human life as priceless. Sanctus is committed to seek ways to better see those made in the image of God thrive and have opportunity.

Local Partner - Pregnancy Help Centre

The Pregnancy Help Centre exists to demonstrate God’s love, giving support and education to individuals and families who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation.

They provide support and education to individuals and families who may find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation in a loving and caring environment.

Global Partner - Adopt a Village

Partners International’s Adopt-a-Village program takes a holistic approach to social transformation. This program allows for local Christian Bengali married couples to intentionally move into remote villages so men can witness to men, and women to women.

This program helps with community development by focusing on savings groups, education, and church planting.

Homeless youth are young people living independently of parents or caregivers, and who lack many of the social supports deemed necessary for the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Local Partner - The Refuge

The Refuge demonstrates Jesus Christ’s love and kindness to the youth of our community through practical and compassionate means of intervention and prevention. The Refuge desires to share to the truth that these youth are created in the image of God with gifts, abilities, the capacity to make positive decisions and to affect change in the world around them.

Global Partner - Impact Uganda

Impact Uganda seeks to transform the lives and communities of those who are most vulnerable: widows, refugees, and street kids.

As part of Impact Uganda, Jinja Connections’ mission is to educate and empower the children living on the streets of Uganda so they to learn without discrimination.