Workshops to Help You Grow in Discipleship 

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Our One Day workshops are designed to give you practical insight and tools
to help you in your life, faith, and discipleship.


We host
THREE workshops
TWO times a year
on ONE DAY. 

One Day Details

  1. One Days are on a Saturday in the Fall and Winter from 9am to 3pm.
  2. You choose one of the three workshops available for the entire day. 
  3. We have a wide range of rotating workshops topics with dynamic presenters.
  4. Depending on the topic, our presenters may be pastors or industry professionals.
  5. Workshop details and registration available closer to the event.



Types of Workshops

Our Full List of Workshops in the One Day Rotation

The Best Of Leadership

Be inspired and equipped to lead with a difference

Leadership is influence. Whether you’re at home, in ministry, or in the marketplace, come and learn how to lead effectively and grow in your leadership potential. 

How To Share Your Faith

Learn how to share the gospel and invite people to follow Christ

We are all called to make disciples but many struggle with the ‘how to’.  This training will equip you with practical tools and empower you to share the gospel with others. 

Discover Your SHAPE

Learn more about how God designed you to serve him

Explore the unique combination of your spiritual gifts, holy discontent, abilities, personality, and experiences which qualify you for the assignment God has for you. 

Financial Game Plan

Learn to win with money, beat debt and build wealth.

Most Canadians struggle to manage their finances.  This workshop will show you a process to get back on track.  

Hearing God

Discern the voice of God in your life

Does God speak to me?
Become acquainted with the voice that has spoken from a fire, a cloud, a burning bush and burning hearts. 

The Gift of Marriage

You were created for connection

After the excitement of dating and falling in love, couples are often ill-equipped to handle the realities of marriage. Come learn biblically-based and practical principles that are vital to a joyful marriage.


The Next One Day

Please check the Events Calendar to see if a One Day is coming up.

The Next One Day:
TBD Fall 2018

In the meantime, please check out Right Now Media for online studies, workshops, and conference sessions.