Helping the Vulnerable, Displaced, and Unreached


Safe Hope Home

Our Local Expression to the Help Human Trafficking cause in Our Region

Escape the Cycle

The organization provides a safe place for women and youth who were, or at risk of being, human trafficked/sexually exploited. The goal is to empower participants to transition into a healthy lifestyle. Their highly effective recovery programs are based on the principle of personal recovery, building self-worth, independence, and community.

Lend Your Talents

Want to get hands-on with our fight against human trafficking?

Reach out to us to let us know what sorts of talents and skills you'd like to volunteer. We are open to seeing how your skills may help the fight against human trafficking.


Pregnancy Help Centre

Our Local Expression for our Value of Life cause in Our Region

Support & Care

PHC exists to demonstrate God’s love and mercy, giving help to people who may be distressed due to pregnancy. They provide support and education to individuals and families who may find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation in a loving and caring environment.

Get Involved

What to get hands on? Individuals can volunteer at the drop in centre, supporting clients and organizing donations. The Pregnancy Help Centre provides training for you to ensure your comfortable helping these families.


The Refuge

Our Local Expression of our Homeless Youth cause in Our Region

Demonstrating Love

The Refuge demonstrates Jesus Christ’s love and kindness to the youth of our community through practical and compassionate means of intervention and prevention.

Serve Opportunity

On the first Friday of every month from 6-8pm volunteers from Sanctus serve at The Refuge with Family Night. Come help prepare, serve and share a ‘family’ meal with the street youth.


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