Pilgrims & Pioneers Magazines

2018 Year Theme

Amazing stories of God working in and through the people in our community.

Pilgrims & Pioneers - living for Jesus in their workplace, home, and beyond. 

There are many many more stories in our congregation just like these ones.

Testimony Videos

Personal stories of what Jesus is doing in and through our community.


David Garvie

He is one of the happiest people you can meet and he's a funeral director. See how God has created him to be the best he can be.

Hear the amazing story of God taking him places he never thought possible... like being featured on Oprah!


The Lalondes

Hear the story of how the Lalonde's learned and committed generously to give to the church, starting with 10% and giving more. 

Hear their excitement about giving in the face of our culture who says we should live to the extremes of our income. 


Kelly's Story

Listen to the story of a good man. A good husband, a good father, a good citizen and a somewhat religious man who became a Christian at the age of 61.

He describes how he went from having a good life to a new life when he truly met Jesus. 


The Hartshorns

Dean and Lorie Hartshorn share the story of their family.

This is a moving and powerful story of parent's who believed that God would move in their family.