Try a Connect Group for a Term


Why Join?

Hesitant to join? Wonder what it's like?


Hear from people who were asking those exact same questions!

“I was concerned it was going to be weird and awkward.”

“I was worried I’d have to say things, do things, or share things I wasn’t ready to.”

“I never imagined it could actually be fun.”

“One of my biggest hesitancies was that we were new to Christian life.”

"You'll probably find it will be one of the best parts of your week."

- James Grundy

What to Expect

Connect Groups are a place where someone notices your spiritual growth and cares when tough things happen.


Connect Groups meet on different days and times throughout the year, both offsite and onsite. 


There are fall, winter, and spring terms, each with an option to "ramp off" at the end of each term.


○ Meet Weekly ○ ~2 Hours ○ Food ○
○ Biblical Discussion ○ Prayer ○ Care ○
○4-12 people per group ○

Types of Groups

Connect Groups typically follow the sermon series but there are some Connect Groups that follow a particular topic, including Women's Connect, Men's Connect, Alpha, and Freedom Sessions.

Materials for Groups

For major sermon series, group discussion guides and videos are created to help facilitate meaningful discussion. These materials can be accessed online in the sermon archives.


Join an Open Group

Use the filters and views to find a Connect Group that interests you most



Join via Group Launch

Don’t know people to start a group with?
Group launch is a 30 minute meet and greet right after the service at every site.

A Group Launch team will be on hand to help you navigate the process of meeting others and forming a group in a fun and interactive way.

At the beginning of each Connect Group term, Group Launch events are available after the Sunday service at all Sanctus Locations. 

Fall Term - Group Launch event in September
Winter Term - Group Launch event in January
Spring Term - Group Launch event in April


Once your group is formed, your first meeting will begin with a Sanctus Connect Groups Starter Series.
Check the Events Calendar to see when the next Group Launch is


Other Ways to Connect Small


Start a Group

Group In A Box • Select Topics


Lead Your Group

Resources • Starter Series