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By Jon Thompson

Book and Video Series for Pastors, Leaders, and Growing Believers.

As God came in the flesh, Jesus isn’t just our Savior and our Lord, He is also our model. That might not sound all that earth-shattering to you, but I believe you’ll realize as you read this book that… Jesus’ role as our model should have just as much impact on our lives as the fact that He is our Lord and Savior.


By Jon Thompson

We as Christians are the only ones on earth that can help our neighbour when it comes to supernatural evil. Do you really believe this, really? I think most of us intellectually would say yes but what do we do? Honestly, many of us are afraid and feel out of our depth. Others of us have tried and are frustrated and have seen things go so wrong and many people have been hurt. How do we help people? What does the Bible really say? How did Christians deal with this in many cultures for over 2000 years? Where are the lines between sin, the demonic, mental illness, and cultural bias?

Do we really even need this conversation?