Our Strategy.

Over the next 5 years, we’re committed to…ENHANCE & EXPAND ACROSS 4 STRATEGIC AREAS to help impact our community, our nation, and beyond.

Key Strategic Area's



We want to establish a PRESENCE in local communities to do our part to reverse the decline of the Church in Canada.



We want to REACH our local communities with the Gospel.



We want to DEVELOP people, communities, and leaders in our nation through personal discipleship and discipleship resources.



Our NETWORK of trusted ministry partners will be critical for our church’s health and reaching our God-given vision.


For each key strategic area — Develop, Reach, Presence, Network — we will make sure to do three things:

At all our locations we will ENHANCE our focus

We are committed to making our in-person experience at all our locations an intentional, hospitable, and engaging environment for our congregation and our guests.


With 10,000 of Canada’s 28,000 church buildings expected to close within the next 10 years*, we are committed to doing all we can to help the Canadian Church and beyond.


We are committed to making structural, financial, and strategic organizational decisions to help ensure we establish a firm foundation to Enhance Our Focus & Expand Our Influence.

*Source: Trinity Centres Foundation


Name Change

It’s time to be known by a new name for the future God is calling us into.

As a church community that began in the late 1970s, one of the things that has always defined us is a desire to change, grow, and adapt to our surroundings and changing needs.

In our early days we were called Bethel Bible Chapel, and we met in places like movie theatres in the Beaches area of Toronto.

Then in the 1980s we moved out to the growing suburbs of Pickering, and became Steeple Hill Community Bible Church because our church was on Steeple Hill.

When we outgrew that facility in the 1990s, we met in Ajax High School while Carruthers Creek Community Church was being built, situated near Carruthers’ Creek.

Quickly we gained the nickname “C4” in the mid 2000s and embraced it as our more official name and brand as we moved towards a multi-site reality.

And now, as we look towards the future and all God has for us, it will soon be time for us to change our name again for the next chapter of our church.

Over time, the name C4 has come to cause confusion in the larger Christian Community, and doesn’t really describe who we are to those who are unchurched.

We often get asked if we are the “4 Cs”, which is the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

We’re regularly confused with our friends at C3 Church, an Australian church that has planted all over the world including multiple sites now in the Toronto area.

Further, as we continue to pursue global partnerships, we’ve recognized that in some places, C4 is more known as the name for a terrible explosive that causes fear and pain, not a church that welcomes people in.

We’re using prompting and planning to guide us forward. We are working together as a staff team and with branding experts, but we are also prayerfully seeking the Lord to discover what He says about us, who we are, and how He sees us as a church community.

We know change like this can be hard for some of us, as C4 has become part of our identity for many years now. We invite you to join us in prayer as we seek to reach the next wave of people who will come to know Christ and become fully devoted followers. We believe a new name is one of the many things that will help us enhance our focus, expand our influence and ensure that we’re building off of the foundation of our rich history.

Later this summer, we’ll reveal the new name of our church. We believe that the name will be a way for us to display who God is and how He sees us!

How to support our strategic plan?

Plan 2 projects will be largely funded by our vision fund. Vision Fund giving carries major projects necessary to help reach our vision to be a regional church of 10,000 meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in Jesus’ name. Projects will be added to the Vision Fund as our needs evolve and change. The Vision Fund can accept one time gifts, recurring gifts, and pledges.

Do you have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions about Plan 2 will start to be populated here. Meanwhile, ask a question!

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